Electronic Proxy Delivery

Willis Towers Watson, through Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. is pleased to offer the convenience of electronic delivery of annual reports, proxy statements and proxy ballots, allowing shareholders to vote their proxies online. With your consent, you will be notified by e-mail when these materials are available on the Internet. To sign up for electronic delivery of proxy materials and accept this new service, you must have an e-mail address, Internet access through an Internet service provider, and a Web browser that supports secure connections, as all Willis Towers Watson colleagues have through the Company (see below). Shareholders should note that Willis Towers Watson is not responsible for any charges you may incur from your personal Internet service provider and/or telephone company.

While you can change your consent for electronic delivery at any time, we are confident that you will find this option the most efficient and effective way to receive your proxy materials. To receive your annual report, proxy statement and proxy ballot on the Internet, instead of receiving printed copies in the mail, follow the links below.

Beneficial Shareholders
If your Willis Towers Watson stock is held in an account in your name with a brokerage firm (for example, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney or T. Rowe Price), bank trustee or other agent, you are a "beneficial shareholder." Your name does not appear anywhere in the Company's transfer agent's shareholder records. Instead, the name of your broker, bank, or other nominee who holds the shares for you appears in those records. In this case, your proxy materials are delivered to your broker, bank, or other nominee, who then delivers them to you. Willis Towers Watson and its transfer agent do not have records for beneficial shareholders of Willis Towers Watson stock. However, beneficial shareholders may sign-up for electronic delivery of proxy materials using the web link on this page as long as their brokerage firms and banks offer electronic delivery of these documents.

Registered Shareholders
You are a "registered shareholder" if you have a personal account with the Company's transfer agent, Computershare. Some of Willis Towers Watson's colleagues are registered shareholders. You are a registered shareholder if your name appears in the shareholder register kept by the Company's transfer agent.

Note to Willis Towers Watson Colleagues
Some Willis Towers Watson associate shareholders may be both registered AND beneficial shareholders. Those associate shareholders therefore should enroll for electronic delivery of proxy materials BOTH as a registered shareholder and as a beneficial shareholder. Willis Towers Watson associate shareholders may receive their proxy materials online automatically and may use the Company's e-mail and Internet to vote their proxy ballots online. If a Willis Towers Watson associate shareholder prefers to receive a hard copy of the proxy materials, they will be provided upon request to the Company Secretary c/o the Office of the General Counsel, Willis Towers Watson Public Limited Company, 200 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10281.

Benefits of Electronic Proxy Delivery

  • Immediate availability of important information – No more waiting for the mail to arrive.
  • Less mail – The average consumer is receiving more mail today than ever, and it is time-consuming to look through it all.
  • Cost savings – Electronic delivery saves money for the company you are invested in.
  • ... and it's better for the environment!